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Palermo| Siciliani al comando della missione ONU in Libano

Palermo| Siciliani al comando della missione ONU in Libano

The Lancieri of Aosta of Palermo take over from the colleagues of the Cavalleggeri Guide Regiment in the mission in Lebanon.

Yesterday, in the military base of Al Mansouri, in the area of ​​Italian-led operations in southern Lebanon, the ceremony of the transfer of responsibility of the contingent of ITALBATT was held, among the Cavalrymen of the regiment “Guide” (19th) of Salerno and the regiment “Lancieri di Aosta” (6th) of Palermo. Colonel  Mario Ciorra , has assumed the responsibility of the national competence area in the “land of the cedars” of the maneuvering task force of ITALBATT, unit based on the regiment “Lancieri di Aosta” (6th) of  Palermo .

In recent months, Italian peacekeepers have operated in the area under the aegis of the United Nations and in compliance with resolution 1701 of 2006 . In this period over 10,000 patrol activities were conducted, of which over 1,000 in close cooperation with the Lebanese Army of the LAF (Lebanese Armed Forces), with a particular focus on patrolling along the demarcation line called  Blue Line , for control of the cessation of hostilities between Lebanon and Israel. Thanks to the synergy achieved with the Lebanese colleagues, in favor of which 21 training and refresher courses were organized, the Italian military conducted for the first time a joint exercise with the LAF in the Lebanese base of Chawakeer, near the city of Shot.

With the same concrete approach, the numerous cooperation activities with local institutions took place. Donations of educational equipment and aids for education, as well as medical supplies, have reached all 19 existing municipalities in the area. The commitment of  Italian blue helmets  was also addressed to primary schools, in which more than 2,500 pupils took part in hygiene, design and home accident prevention courses. The activities did not neglect the feminine dimension from the perspective of the gender perspective, a fundamental aspect in the conduct of international operations of the United Nations. For this reason, several sewing courses were organized for women from the municipality of Burj Shamali and a conference on breast cancer prevention carried out at the Al Mansouri Italian base, which was attended by about 40 women from neighboring villages.

The collaboration with the local population and the Lebanese Armed Forces has made it possible to share a common line of action, aimed at the needs of the population. The Commander of the Joint Task Force Lebanon – Sector West of the UNIFIL mission  , Brigadier General  Bruno Pisciotta , in Italy commander of the Aosta Brigade stationed in Messina , attended the ceremony and, on the occasion, thanked Colonel Giannattasio, transferor commander, for the very high results achieved, stating that “we are here for the Lebanese people and to bring peace. Only this must inspire our daily actions “. The ” Lancieri di Aosta ” Regiment“(6th), which is now the core of  ITALBATT , was established on 16 September 1774 as part of the reform of the army of the Kingdom of Sardinia and is based in Palermo at the” Generale Antonino Cascino “barracks.

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